The peoples will not fight a war for the ecologically disastrous oil extractions in the Mediterranean

Statement of the New Left Current for the Communist Liberation (NAR):

The peoples will not fight a war for the ecologically disastrous oil extractions in the Mediterranean

The sudden call of the Governmental External Affairs and Defence Council (KYSEA) in Greece, the prime minister's statement and the interventions of the New Democracy and other parties, have been forming a climate of preparing everyone for an incident' between Greece and Turkey, while there are even some provoking calls for Greece to act aggressively against Turkey 'as a deterrent'.

However, people have no reason to fight each other or get killed for a war happening for the sake of the hydrocarbon mining 'rights'. To us, there are not any dominance rights over international seas that they have been trying to quantify and split into plots, calling them Special Economic Zones (SEZ). These zones (of up to 200 nautical miles!) are completely unrelated to the territorial waters of each country and, eventually, are only associated with the zones of economic exploitation involving high risk of war and direct environmental consequences, also leading to a wider environmental disaster in the context of the mineral wealth economics. 

At the same time that the imperialist competition is intensifying, the wars in the broader region (such as in Syria, Libya, Yemen) never end, and the USA and Israel are targeting Iran, the claims of Greece's ruling class that collaborating with the murderers of the USA and NATO, and being supported by the EU, Greece would earn a lot from the split of the energy deposits in South-Eastern Mediterranean Sea, constitute a huge threat. If there are any such deposits, all the profits from them would get to the big multinational oil companies, while the people would only get blood and pollution.

It is in the best interest of the Greek people, and their neighbours to prevent war, alongside the strategic defeat of the plans of the ruling classes in Greece and Turkey and the imperialist strategies of the USA and NATO. The dangerous attacking narrative of the ruling class in Greece is based on the unthinking argument that the relationship between Greece and the USA is the closest ever (similar to the alliance with England in 1919), while Greece’s alliance with the terrorist state of Israel and the military dictatorship of Egypt should not be ignored. At the same time, the ruling class of Turkey, intensifies its aggressiveness, seeking new alliances with Russia and other states, while negotiating with NATO.

The radical left must not adopt this war narrative based on national sovereignty, but it needs to seek an internationalist, peace-friendly, anti-war and anti-imperialist struggle against war and the war strategies of the ruling classes in Greece and Turkey. Against competition for the bloody and environmental damaging capitalist development, against nationalism and the imperialist plans of the USA, NATO and the EU at the area. ANTARSYA will contribute to this duty decisively.

NAR, Athens, 17/6/2019