NAR: Contemporary totalitarianism will be overthrown! The demonstrations in France, an image from the future of social explosions!


Contemporary totalitarianism will be overthrown!

The demonstrations in France, an image from the future of social explosions!

The New Left Current (NAR) and the Youth for Communist Liberation declare their solidarity to the people of France and the fight it gives against the contemporary totalitarianism of president Macron. The demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of citizens, with the particularly massive and militant participation of youth, on Saturday, November 28th  in Paris and many other French cities were the culmination of the protests held during the last two weeks, against the anti-popular and racist policy of the government. What triggered these protests was the violent dispersion of the refugee camp in Saint-Denis on November 17th, the day that the Macron government announced the second lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their violent repression a few days later at Democracy Square where they sought refuge to protest against being left on the street, as well as the beating of the black music producer Michel Zekler, as a new incident of a series of beatings and murders of young people of  immigrant mainly origin in the deprived and poor suburbs by police forces.

Macron is already withdrawing the article that criminalizes the recording of police violence in order to keep the rest of the  "Global Security Law". The people have revolted against the law and declare that they will continue for their complete withdrawal. The aim of this law is to prevent the revelation of police brutality and the assurance that police forces will go unpunished. These intentions were evident in the violent repression of the demonstrations and the targeting of reporters during  them, as they were confronted with tear-gasing and the prevention of documenting the dispersing of these demonstrations. At the same time the demonstrators are recorded by police cameras, even with drones.

France is being held under an emergency state regime (which practically exists since 2015), devitalizing even the bourgeois democracy in its birthplace country. The Cabinet has been replaced by the Defense Council, the parliament has become a decorative institution (the Global Security Law passed by only 182 members of the Parliament present from the total 557!), the presence of the police and army forces are dominant in every public place. The fundamental rights of political protest and demonstration have gone into a status of exception, in an attempt by Macron to protect himself by the resistance of a people that has been fighting for years against impoverishment, the anti-worker reforms and unemployment. Finally, the French government by embodying the ultra-right, racist and antimuslim rhetoric of Le Pen, on the pretext of the hideous crime against professor Patty and the attacks by extremist islamists in Lyon, targets the total of the 5 million Muslim citizens, intensifying social exclusion.

This tendency towards totalitarianism does not concern only France, it is an integral part of global capitalism. The repression of the demonstrations on November 17th in Greece and the laws concerning the ban of demonstrations and strikes show the fear of the Greek ruling class. They try to prevent uncontrollable future social upheavals, but they will not manage to do so.

The streets in Paris, in Athens, in other French and Greek cities show that fear has change sides! Withdrawal of the article on police recording shows that the people can achieve victories even in these difficult circumstances. The internationalist solidarity of the workers and of youth together with disobedience, the rightful rage and the organized struggle is the only path to victory against contemporary   totalitarianism, against the brutal capitalism of our era.

New Left Current for Communist Liberation, 30/11/2020