The conviction of the Golden Dawn, a historic victory of the anti-fascist movement – A time for escalation and generalization of the struggle



Announcement of NAR for the Communist Liberation

In front of tens of thousands of people and youth, in one of the largest anti-fascist demonstrations in recent years, the decision of the court was announced, one that characterizes the Golden Dawn as a criminal organization and condemns its leadership for participating in it and ruling it. Under the constant mobilization of the movement, especially after the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, the court came to what life itself had shouted so many times, even through the death of innocent people: Golden Dawn is a criminal organization. This is because it was a neo-Nazi, fascist and nationalist organization, the long armed hand of the state and capital.

The court ruling is a vindication for the struggling people and the anti-fascist movement, all those who contributed to keeping the front against the Golden Dawn and the fascist threat open. It is the anti-fascist movement which gave battles in the streets and in life, that cut the air from the neo-Nazi gang and set the conditions for its persecution and condemnation. It is proved, once again, that the mass popular and youth movements can write history, that the struggle can bring victories and change the course of events.

Golden Dawn was not defeated by the parliamentary parties, the bourgeois democracy and the institutions (it was actually used many times in a dirty role), it was defeated by the labor, popular and youth movement in the neighborhoods, in the workplaces, in the schools. It was defeated by the multifaceted anti-fascist network, by the lawyers of the civil lawsuit and all those who fought the battle of the trial, and especially Pavlos's mother, Magda Fyssa.

The New Democracy government and the bourgeois system of power are fearful of this exact world of resistance. That is why they launched an unprovoked police attack in order to disperse the large gathering and to demonstrate their readiness to discourage the struggling forces. It was a pre-determined attack, part of the preparation of the repressive mechanisms to deal with the acute social tensions brought about by the multifaceted capitalist crisis and the attack of capital on workers and youth.

After today's victory, the fight continues with new momentum:

For the defeat of fascism, nationalism and racism, as well as the gangs born from the saprophytes of crisis, poverty and unemployment. In the climate created by the fierce competition of the Greek-Turkish oligarchies and the imperialist plans in our region, the inhuman policies of the government and the EU against refugees and immigrants, obscurantism and irrationality, the barbaric policy of the extreme right is becoming in many areas the dominant policy of the Greek government and the EU.

For the democratic rights and freedoms, which are now so emphatically violated by the forces of repression and by a suffocating legislative framework of parliamentary totalitarianism, which puts in plaster the right to demonstration, to strike, to free expression.

For the defeat and overthrow of the anti-popular government-EU-capital policy. The New Democracy government, which is forced to marginalize the Golden Dawn, is at the same time encouraging and reproducing the far-right, nationalist and racist political concept and practice. For a political line of clash and overthrow of the capitalist system, which gives birth to fascism and barbarism.

The New Democracy government and the bourgeois political system in general, make the Golden Dawn appear as a creation of "populism", as a parenthesis that closed through the bourgeois institutions. In order to deal with the "extremists", they want to impose from now on an extreme anti-democratic policy, which will be based on the legitimation of the fake bourgeois democracy. We saw the manifestation of this logic today, when the "institution" of the Greek Police attacked the anti-fascists. The anti-popular policy of government-EU-capital is extreme and that is why it often needs the iron fist of fascist groups. The "democracy" of the capital is not the medicine, it is the disease.

New Left Current (NAR) for Communist Liberation, October 7, 2020