Common statement of Left organizations and movements against war, imperialism and nationalism

Common statement of Left organizations and movements against war, imperialism and nationalism


It is obvious that we are going through a period, when the “war clouds” are gathering dangerously, not only above our area, but also above our country. The continuous episodes of the recent time period, the increase of war rhetoric and nationalism (one significant example are the nationalist rallies on the subject of “Macedonia”) confirm these risks.

On the ground of capitalist crisis, the antagonism of the imperialist forces, of the bourgeoisie and the multinational companies all over the world is escalating. The intensity of the antagonism drives the bourgeoisie and the main political forces to enforce nationalism and patricopia, to cultivate hate among peoples, while they massacre the rights of the working majority of the society, to enforce racism against the victims of war. The war shelters are multiplying, war equipment are developing everywhere (even in the indebted Greece) , the risks for armed conflicts are increasing.

The antagonisms are taking place in more and more fronts, and, above all, at the flashpoint of the Middle East. The withdrawal by the US from the nuclear agreement with Iran and the recent slaughter of Palestinians at the Gaza Strip by the state-terrorist of Israel are the latest episodes of a course, that shows that the danger of a generalized war is really close!

In our country, the government SYRIZA- ANEL continues their dangerous alignment to the NATO and the EU politics, seeking on the one hand, their support to overcome crisis at the working class’ expense and and on the other hand the financial and geopolitical upgrade of the Greek ruling class, the arrogation of the energy resources and their transport route in the area. They construct the aggresive and reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel. It arrogates to contribute to the euro-NATO completion of the Balkans and, under these circumstances, it negotiates with the neighbor-states. They have already initiated the purchase of war equipment, mainly by the US and the EU. Due to all these, it antagonizes more and more dangerously with the Turkish capitalism.

The recent agreement between Tsipras and Zaev is a part of these politics. We are against this agreement and against the whole governmental politics in the area, which is targeting to incorporate the neighbor country to the euro-NATO regime in the Balkans, and the enforcement of the importance of the Greek capital in the area. Our “NO” stands for peace, solidarity, anti-imperalist struggle, respect of peoples, in total opposition to the nationalists-patricopians. The “NO” of the extreme right-wing, which means war, hate, fascism, based on “Macedonia is Greek”, is actually a “YES” to the NATO, the EU, the Greek upper class.

On the other side of the Aegean, the Turkish government of Erdogan formulates more and more openly the war threat, talking about even the occupation of grounds. They have launched reactionary military interventions outside their borders (Syria/Afrin Iraq, etc.). They have constructed an extreme reactionary regime inside their borders mainly against the workers’ movement, the Left wing, the democratic rights and conquest, they oppress terribly the Kurds, at the same time with their huge weapon equipment purchase from Russia.

The Left wing, the workers’, popular and youth movement in Greece, Turkey and all the countries in the Balkans had to scream out loud:

The defence of peace and the prevention of a generalized war, the benefits of the peoples of the area and, above all, the right to live are not, at all, related to the benefits and the antagonism of the ruling classes. This antagonism is reactionary on both sides of the Aegean. The peoples will not be driven to slaughter about whether the EEZ will be exploited by NOBLE, or ROSNEFT, by Greek or Turkish capitalists.

Therefore :

The need of a unitarian, anti-war, anti-imperialist, internationalist movement is urgent!

A movement of prevention of a generalized war and the defence of peace, for the prevention of war and every warmongering opportunism, against the politics, the benefits and the antagonism of the imperialist forces, ruling classes and multinational companies. A movement which will struggle for the common interests of workers of all the countries of the area and will aim against the system of exploitation, which gives birth to memorandums, war, refugees.

The basic goals of this movement are:

  1. Exit from the NATO and the euro-army, “No” to new military bases, closure of all the existing ones. Independence from imperialist organizations and their plans. “No” to the imperialist operations in the Balkans, the Middle East and the area. No participation- no (in)direct involvement of Greece. Return of all the Greek army out of the country.
  2. We struggle against the reactionary antagonism between Turkey and Greece and the imperialist re-drawing of the borders. No tolerance to patricopia, nationalism and war rhetoric. The antagonism of ruling classes on the EEZ, oil and the ducts, their economic upgrade, that try to deceive the peoples, in the name of “common national benefit”, that are always mentioned to the “responsibility of the other state”, hiding “ours”, aiming to the escalation of conflicts, is an antagonism that is not ours. It brings wars and tragedies to peoples.
  1. We struggle against the government SYRIZA-ANEL, that faithfully follows the aggressive policies of euro-NATO imperialism, upgrades the bases of death, seeks to realise the euro-NATO fulfillment of the Balkans, constructs the dangerous and vicious axis of USA-Israel-Greece-Egypt-Cyprus, gives the bill of the expensive war equipment to the people.
  2. Instant decrease of the military expenses, ”ΝΟ” to the new military equipments. Common struggle of the Greek and Turkish workers’ movement against the military equipment and con decrease of the military expenses. Money for Education, Health, social benefits, public goods not for bombs and equipment.
  3. “NO” to racism and islamophobia, patricopia, fascism. “NO” to the agreement between the EU and Turkey, that encages thousands of refugees inside the islands. Descent conditions of living, asylum, open borders with organized-safe-free passage for refugees and victims of war.
  4. We struggle against the euro-NATO regime dominating the Balkans. We stand for respect of the rights of all nations, peoples and minorities of the multinational area of Macedonia, the right of every people -and our neighbor country- to self-determination. The determination arouses from the people and not from the “godfathers” of the Balkans, local or international. We aim for the common struggle of all the peoples of the Balkans against nationalism, upper classes and imperialism.
  5. We develop a front against nationalism, the cultivation of hate among the peoples, fascism. All these have nothing to do with any fighting, or anti- imperialist “stance”. Nationalism and the rallies that it organizes are hostile to peace and friendship of the peoples, to the popular and workers’ movement and the Left wing. They try to direct the rage of the working class and the people, due to poverty and the memorandums to Nationalism, the extreme Right wing, thus making the EU, Troika, the Capital innocent.
  6. “NO” to the excavations and the exploitation of hydrocarbons that become object of antagonism, war and ecological destruction. Peoples, and not the international companies and the Capital are these who will cover their resource needs, showing respect to the environment and the climatic balance of the planet.
  7. We struggle for popular democratic freedoms and rights, while nationalism, the “war atmosphere” and the “war preparations” always come with the intensification of repression. We are against the “militarization” of the society, the enlistment of women and youth at 18 years old, the use of the Army as a repression force against the “internal enemy”. For the rights of soldiers, for a massive movement inside and outside the Army.
  8. The organizations that sign this common statement are moving forward to a co-ordination of action against war, nationalism and imperialism.

Through this co-ordination:

  • We call for the organization of antiwar/anti-imperialist rallies, on Wednesday, 11th of July, when the Meeting of the NATO in Brussels begins
  • We contribute to the development of the antiwar struggle of the workers’, popular and youth movement. We call to common action every force which has an anti-war, anti-imperialist direction.
  • We prepare a solidarity campaign to Palestinian people against the Zionist state of Israel and the USA
  • We seek the possibility of developing an international initiative by autumn, together with other left and peaceoriented organizations of the Balkans.
  • We call every force and collective that agrees with the basic direction of this statement to participate, in their way, to the coordination of anti-war action.

This common statement is signed by:

  • OKDE

Athens, Greece, 22.06.2018