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Gran triunfo del pueblo ecuatoriano! No son invencibles los déspotas modernos

El NAR y la juventud para la liberación comunista dirigen un mensaje de solidaridad internacionalista al pueblo ecuatoriano en lucha. Su triunfo volvió a mandar dignidad y esperanza. ¡Los pueblos pueden vencer! 

Great victory for the people of Ecuador! The modern tyrants are not invincible

NAR and nKA are addressing a message of internationalist solidarity to the struggling people of Ecuador. The peoples can win!Wesalute the great victory of the uprisen people of Ecuador that managed to overthrow the Moreno administration’s deal with the IMF

about the electoral results in Greece by the NAR for the Communist Liberation

The Mitsotakis government may have 158 out of 300 MPs in the parliament, but it does not have a real majority in the society and it will face – sooner than they believe - the popular reactions to its policy. The necessity for a radical, coherent and comprehensive reconstruction of the anti-capitalist and contemporary communist left is necessary and imperative.

The peoples will not fight a war for the ecologically disastrous oil extractions in the Mediterranean

Statement of NARAgainst competition for the bloody and environmental damaging capitalist development, against nationalism and the imperialist plans of the USA, NATO and the EU at the area. People have no reason to fight each other or get killed

Program Conference of NAR: A communist response for today and tomorrow

An important step forward, for the formulation of a modern communist strategic response, was the programme conference of NAR (New Left Current for the Communist Liberation), which took place in Athens from 14 to 16 December.

Komunikat për protestat e studentëve në Shqipëri.

Ne shpresojmë se studentët në Shqipëri do të jenë fitimtarë në këtë mundje. Përvojat e përbashkta e dy popujve dhe pjesmarrja e emigrantëve Shqiptarë në mundjet e përbashkta në fushën shoqërore, në vendet e punës dhe në lëvizjen antifashiste jan e vetmja përgjigje tek helmi nacionalist që mundohet të na perçaj

We salute the massive student protests that have broken out in Albania

The problems of the Balkan people, and especially the youth, are common. We hope that the students in Albania achieve a victory in their just struggle. The common experience of struggles of the two peoples, the participation of Albanian immigrants in the social, labor and antifascist struggles in Greece is the only answer

Radical – internationalist front for the battle of the European Elections

The EU has become a real prison for Workers’ and People's Rights. It cannot be amended, modernized or reformed, but it can only be overturned by the anti-EU internationalist struggle of workers and peoples. The political struggle for an anti-capitalist disengagement (exit) from the EU is now a "touchstone" for every political force, fighter of the struggling Left


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