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ANTARSYA: First estimates on the results of the June 17 general Election

The June 17 elections marked a turning point in the fierce confrontation waged within Greek society. They reflected the major conflicts and divisions that transverse Greek society, the intense social and political confrontations, the big labor and popular struggles of the past years, but also the attempts of the pro-austerity forces to regroup and reorganize after their loss of legitimacy in the May 6 elections.

Une première estimation des résultats des élections législatives grecques du 17 Juin 2012

Les élections du 17 Juin ont eu lieu dans un climat caractérisé par des grands chantages et dilemmes. L’offensive des forces bourgeoises grecques et internationales, les dilemmes de type « l’euro ou le chaos », « maintien dans l’Union Européenne ou la catastrophe » ont influencé fortement le comportement du corps électoral.

Brief Presentation of New Left Current - NAR

The New Left Current - N.A.R. is an organisation of the anticapitalist and communist Left in Greece. NAR concentrates militants of the labour and youth movement. NAR intervenes in the labour movement and in syndicates, in the youth – in universities and working youth – and also in the city and environmental movements. We take action in the movements against war and imperialism

NAR for the results of the municipal and regional elections and the battle for the 2nd round

The big electoral fall of PASOK, the lack of reward to LAOS (nationalist party), which played a leading role in support of the government-EU-IMF junta, as well as the weakness of ND (right wing, former government) to encage the popular dissatisfaction, mark the disruption of the political scenery by the intervention of the popular factor. PASOK’s government is politically emasculated, a fact which can

Municipal and regional elections in Greece on November 7th 2010

The government (PASOK, social democrats), along with the parties that join forces with it (Democratic Left, Ecologists-Greens, the nationalist LA.O.S. and more), are trying to persuade us that “Kallikratis” (a new autocratic law that restructures the local administration of the state, minimizing the municipalities and creating fewer larger regions to be controlled by local commissioners) is on the line

ANTARSYA statement to NPA and SWP

In light of the measures announced by the Greek Government as part of the deal to get the aid package from the IMF and the EU, we think that the initiative of organizations of the anticapitalist Left in Europe to express their solidarity with the Greek labour movement is more than welcome. These measures are a declaration of war against the forces of labour in Greece. It is the biggest attack against workers’ rights for many decades

Annonce NAR, Dec. 2008

Le meurtre de sang froid de l'élève de 15 ans a été juste l'occasion pour la revolte populaire de la jeunesse. Cette revolte a été déclenché par la fureur accumulée contre l'exploitation de longue date et l'oppression et le minage du présent et du futur de jeunes travailleurs qui a été provoqué par l’attaque constant du gouvernement contre le travail, l'éducation, les salaires et la vie elle-même.

Statement, NAR, December 2008

The murder in cold blood of the fifteen-year-old student has been just the occasion for the outstanding youth popular uprising that was about to follow. This uprising was triggered by the accumulated rage against the long-standing exploitation and oppression and the undermining of the present and the future of the new labor shift which have been caused by constant government attacks against labor, education


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