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Athens Anti-fascist city. 19 January 2013

NAR: On January 19 we demonstrate against the neo-fascist threat to the working class and the people. Fascism may have a horrible tradition, but what we face today is produced by the bleak future prescribed by the totalitarian capitalism of our era. It’s a “preventive” counter-revolution against the prospect that workers and the people will overturn the fierce attack of capitalism, the European Union and the IMF.

For the murder of the three Kurdish women in Paris

ANTARSYA: Three Kurdish militants were murdered in cold blood in Paris by the fascist assassins of the Turkish government! Their affords to wipe out the Kurdish resistance is in vain, the struggle will go on. They never surrendered, that’s why they murdered them.

For the right and the commitment to fight!

On November 28th the trial of the three arrested unionists in Thessaloniki took place. It was a political trial. The three comrades gave the fight to the end showing to all of us that people who fight for their rights are not afraid! We send you a video about the trial and our warmest solidarity greetings!

Merkel is unwanted in Greece!

The announcement of Merkel’s visit is a provocation to the People of Greece. The German Chancellor is unwanted. Being the leading force of the EU and using debt as a pretext and the Memoranda as an instrument, Merkel and Germany turn the workers of Europe into slaves of the German and European Capital.

Tsipras griff zu seiner Waffe und es war … der Euro!

Der Auftritt des SYRIZA - Vorsitzenden Alexis Tsipras am 15. Sep. in Thessaloniki, zog die Schlinge um das Profil von SYRIZA.
Das Streben nach Regierungsverantwortung und das Training in der Rolle des „besser geeigneten Premierministers“ prägten die Rede von Tsipras auf der internationalen Messe.

The mass slaughter of the South-African striking workers in the name of profit reveals the true face of capitalism!

ANTARSYA expresses its unreserved support and solidarity to the working class of South-Africa. The working class will always remember and honor the miners who were assassinated during their strike.

Carta de Solidaridad a la huelga de los mineros Españoles

ANTARSYA ha decidido apoyar la batalla de los mineros Españoles que están en lucha continua y decisiva con la forma de huelga indefinida, contra a los planes del gobierno Español. Hoy día, unidos con el pueblo Español que está en lucha continua, damos la bienvenida a los héroes mineros, que después de una marcha larga, llegan hoy en Madrid, transportando su pulso de lucha a la capital Española.

NAR: First estimate for the election results of 17th June

Statement by the Press Office of NAR. The elections of June 17 were conducted in a climate of great extortion and dilemmas. The attack of the forces of capital, international and foreign, the dilemmas "euro or chaos", "European Union or disaster" significantly affected the behavior of the electorate.


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