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Solidarity with the struggling people of Turkey and the Syrian Kurds fighters defending Kabane

Statement of NAR for the Communist Liberation: We express our solidarity with the struggling Syrian Kurds, both men and women fighters defending Kabane town and other areas organized democratically, against imperialist intervention, the fomented reactionaries of ISIS and the Assad regime. Solidarity with the struggling people of Turkey

ANTARSYA: Freedom to Palestine !

We denounce the international genocide of the Palestinian people campaign. We join our forces with the international outcry movement, the thousands of protesters around the world. The massacre of unarmed civilians is not collateral damage. It is the true target in an attempt to crush the morale of a people who has been fighting without bowing for half a century for land and freedom.

USA, E.U. and neofascists murder in Ukraine

As New Left Current and Communist Liberation Youth we express our solidarity with the fight of the people who revolt in East Ukraine trying to defeat the neofascists. Our country’s left forces should play a leading role in organizing solidarity demonstrations and activities in support of the people of Ukraine. We denounce the imperialist policy of the USA, NATO and the EU in east Ukraine

European elections 2014: support and vote ANTARSYA

Only the struggle for the enforcement of a anticapitalist programme can hinder the current disaster and win the battles. To provide an answer to the capitalist crisis, paving the way for the revolutionary transformation of society, the emancipation of workers from the shackles of profit and exploitation, to pass wealth, property and power into the hands of workers

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

ANTARSYA Press Release: Solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Against imperialist interventions – Against the EU-IMF pillaging through Memoranda of Understanding. ANTARSYA denounces the reactionary manipulation to outlaw Ukraine’s Communist Party by the EU- and US-supported government.

NAR: Message for the New Year 2014

The year 2014 is a year of crucial struggles and confrontations on many levels and fronts. In workplaces, against the persistent and deep anti-workers assault. In cities and neighbourhoods, in education and healthcare, against the reactionary restructuring and the sell-offs, the privatisations and the poll taxes. Against the totality of the black government coalition and the policies of Capital-EU-IMF.

Antarsya on Egypt Press Release

ANTARSYA denounces in the most decisive way the Egyptian army’s murderous intervention to attack protests by the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The army, that has been receiving military equipment from the United States and other imperialist countries for decades, unleashed an attack using

mücadele veren Türk halkına ve işçi sınıfına olan sınırsız dayanışmasını bildirmektedir

ANTARSYA (hareketi) üç gündür Erdoğan hükümetine ve politikasına direnen, protesto eden ve mücadele veren Türk halkına ve işçi sınıfına olan sınırsız dayanışmasını bildirmektedir.


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