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Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

ANTARSYA Press Release: Solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Against imperialist interventions – Against the EU-IMF pillaging through Memoranda of Understanding. ANTARSYA denounces the reactionary manipulation to outlaw Ukraine’s Communist Party by the EU- and US-supported government.

NAR: Message for the New Year 2014

The year 2014 is a year of crucial struggles and confrontations on many levels and fronts. In workplaces, against the persistent and deep anti-workers assault. In cities and neighbourhoods, in education and healthcare, against the reactionary restructuring and the sell-offs, the privatisations and the poll taxes. Against the totality of the black government coalition and the policies of Capital-EU-IMF.

Antarsya on Egypt Press Release

ANTARSYA denounces in the most decisive way the Egyptian army’s murderous intervention to attack protests by the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The army, that has been receiving military equipment from the United States and other imperialist countries for decades, unleashed an attack using

mücadele veren Türk halkına ve işçi sınıfına olan sınırsız dayanışmasını bildirmektedir

ANTARSYA (hareketi) üç gündür Erdoğan hükümetine ve politikasına direnen, protesto eden ve mücadele veren Türk halkına ve işçi sınıfına olan sınırsız dayanışmasını bildirmektedir.

For the murderous attack against workers in N. Manolada in Greece

ANTARSYA (front of the Anticapitalist Left in Greece) condemns yesterday's murderous mafia-style attack of employers’ henchmen in New Manolada in Greece, who using shotguns, shot to kill in cold blood 200 Bangladeshi strawberry farm workers. They were demanding 6 months unpaid wages; wages of terror earned under sordid working conditions.

Lettre de condoléances et de solidarité sur l’assassinat de Chokri Belaid!

Le Nouveau Courant de Gauche (NAR) et la Jeunesse pour la Libération Communiste (nKA) expriment leurs condoléances les plus sincères à tous les camarades de PCOT et du Front Populaire sur l’assassinat de Chokri Belaid. On exprime notre solidarité dans votre lutte, la lutte du peuple tunisien pour la liberté et la démocratie.

Athens Anti-fascist city. 19 January 2013

NAR: On January 19 we demonstrate against the neo-fascist threat to the working class and the people. Fascism may have a horrible tradition, but what we face today is produced by the bleak future prescribed by the totalitarian capitalism of our era. It’s a “preventive” counter-revolution against the prospect that workers and the people will overturn the fierce attack of capitalism, the European Union and the IMF.

For the murder of the three Kurdish women in Paris

ANTARSYA: Three Kurdish militants were murdered in cold blood in Paris by the fascist assassins of the Turkish government! Their affords to wipe out the Kurdish resistance is in vain, the struggle will go on. They never surrendered, that’s why they murdered them.


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