Peace in the Aegan-Syria, War to NATO-EU-Government

Announcement of NAR - New Left Current for the Communist Liberation, Greece

Once more, the western imperialists wore the “humanitarian” mask to bomb Syria. The USA, France and the UK waged a missile attack on the Syrian terrain, escalating their intervention in the Middle East and raising the danger for a wider conflict. The arguments for “concerns regarding the use of chemical weapons” from the side of the imperialist forces of NATO, can only be seen with contempt, as they are the same forces that have used illegal and banned weapons in their wars, that have invaded Iraq spreading death and destruction based on shameful lies, that are covering their own autocratic allies when they wage terrorist bombardments on civilian population in Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere. On the same wavelength, the EU in general, is equally guilty in the “hunt” for chemical weapons and the bombardment of Syria. They are not even trying to hide the fact that, their humanitarian concern is covering the most blatant capitalist interests: energy deposits and pipelines, trade agreements and zones of control. The peoples have to struggle against their interventions!

The Greek government of SYRIZA-ANEL is complicit on these dirty games as is the Cypriot government. Their territories are turned into a station for the the navy ships and the aircrafts through the Souda Bay Naval Base and RAF Akrotiri, as they seek to take part in the blood shedding in the area, to grab a portion of shame, from the spoils of the wealth of the people in Mediterranean. That is why they help for more bombs to be dropped, in the interest of their reactionary alliance with Israel, Egypt and the multinationals, for whose interest they are playing with fire, sparkling again the Greco-Turkish antagonism in the Agean Sea. That is why the Greek government actively takes part and supports the strategic plans of NATO in the wider are of the South-eastern Mediterranean and in the Balkans, that is why they carry out common military exercises with the state murderer of Israel.

Syria has already faced 7 years of catastrophic war. The bombardments and the interventions of USA-UK-France, with the support of NATO and the EU, escalate the war according to their interest and must be responded though resistance and struggle in all parts of the world in order to stop. The just demands of the Syrian people for justice and freedom can and will only be accomplished by themselves: neither from the corrupt agents  of the foreign forces as are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel, nor from the barbarian jjhadists that «sprouted» with the help of USA-Turkey-Oil Monarchies, in the field of war, and not from Russia and Iran who see in Syria and important step to promote their own interest. The people of Syria can solve their own problems with the reactionary Assad state, but what they are primarly in need of today is peace and no more gun loads and foreign forces in their ground.

Struggle against the imperialist intervention of NATO, oust all imperialists and intervention forces from Syria! International solidarity to the people of Syria and all those that became refugees. No more embargo, closed borders and drowning in the Mediterranean seas. The best answer to the slaughterers of NATO will be the massive workers’-popular, anti-war, anti-imperialist and anti-governmental struggle of the people of Greece to close the NATO bases of death, to exit NATO and EU, to prevent the involvement of our country in imperialist war, with the failure of the policy that serves the bloody interests of the Greek capital and the multinationals.

The Bureau of the Political Committee of NAR for the Communist Liberation, 14/04/2018