NAR for the results of the municipal and regional elections and the battle for the 2nd round

The results of the municipal and regional elections show that PASOK’s government efforts to blackmail the workers into obedience to its anti-labor measures, has failed.


The big electoral fall of PASOK, the lack of reward to LAOS (nationalist party), which played a leading role in support of the government-EU-IMF junta, as well as the weakness of ND (right wing, former government) to encage the popular dissatisfaction, mark the disruption of the political scenery by the intervention of the popular factor. PASOK’s government is politically emasculated, a fact which can, and must trigger a mew confidence for the counter attack of the popular movement.


The electoral result records a significant turn to the left, with specific qualitative element the enhancement of the currents with anti-EU characteristics and the rise of the anticapitalistic and revolutionary Left. This was evident by the enhancement of the ballots of ANTARSIA (Front of Greek Anticapitalistic and Revolutionary Left in which we participate) in 11 regions and numerous municipalities. The 100.000 votes gathered by these ballots or 2% throughout Greece, signal a leap forward for the revolutionary left that needs to stabilize and deepen both socially and politically.


This positive result is credited to the all the workers and fighters of the Left that chose these ballots. This vote does not necessarily mean an agreement with the anticapitalistic programme of ANTARSIA and the policies of the anticapitalistic Left, but it signifies an honourable support and contribution in our effort for a combatant Left, protagonist and companion of the popular struggles.

The increased abstention (40%), as well as the increase of invalid ballots (10%), imply tendencies of complete doubt of the political system and the role of political parties. They express tendencies of compromise and disappointment, depoliticalisation and individualism. However, a significant percentage of this electoral stance, especially in the youth, has radical characteristics and is a form of criticism, even towards the Left. This increased abstention is nonetheless another form of condemnation of the electoral dilemmas put forward by the government and the Prime Minister that they should either support the antilabour measures or face catastrophy.


The New Left Current salutes all its members and friends, the comrades of its youth (Youth Communist Liberation), as well as the organizations that participate in the front of ANTARSIA for their participation in this tough electoral battle.


The next day is a day of great responsibilities and increased demands. The biggest challenge is to form the conditions and requirements for the reversal of the attack and to open the road towards a revolutionary turn.

- with the enhancement of the anticapitalistic programme and the emergence of a new socialist and communist perspective, closely tied to the struggles of today

- with the class restructuring of the movement and the overcoming of the subordinate reformist syndicalism of GSEE and ADEDY

- with the reinforcement of the political role of the anticapitalistic revolutionary Left and the political maturing and democratic changes in the function of ANTARSIA

- with the opening of a deeper talk, especially with the people of the struggles and fighters of the Left, that are concerned about a different Left and a new communist perspective

- by showing how valid communism is today and how important it is to refound it

with the required common action and meeting with all the powers of the Left, on the base of the mass popular movement


In the second round of the regional and municipal elections we must send a new strong message that will condemn the government,  the EU and the capitalists.


NAR calls for the people to condemn the candidates of PASOK and also ND and its candidates that verbally follow an antigovernment, anti-IMF policy to cheat voters, when in reality they support the same antilabour policies.


In the cases where in the second round there are ballots supported by KKE (Communist Party of Greece) or SYRIZA (reformist left party), we call for the workers and the fighters of the Left to vote for them, with the condition that these ballots are not co-supported by PASOK or ND and that they represent the agenda of a fighting and non conformist Left. Our stance is an open call for common action of the Left for a restructured labour movement that will unite the workers in order to reverse the antilabour attack. This direction cannot be followed by policies of management and administration of the government policies at a local level.


The political goals for exit from EMU (Economic and Monetary Union), the euro and the EU as well as denial of the imperialistic debt are, among others, necessary conditions for the survival of the workers and the youth in the face of the capitalistic crisis.


We make an open and public call for a common march and dialogue of all lefts and communists. For the subversive common action against the slaughter of the government-EU-IMF, the search for a revolutionary road against the capitalist barbarism, the new communist perspective and social emancipation. For another political culture, of camaraderie and solidarity and against the civil wars of the Left.


New Left Current- NAR, November 10, 2010