NAR: Message for the New Year 2014

The New Left Current for the Communist Liberation salutes all the working people, the unemployed, the youth, the poor, the working class people of the urban areas and the country and wishes a fighting and revolutionary 2014.

The New Year can and must become the beginning of a new effort. An effort which responds to all the great challenges that are ever growing and shall determine the new era of class struggle not only in the Greek society but also worldwide. It’s time for the people to fight back creating a massive movement. This will demand efforts being taken from ground up, inspiration, self-sacrifice, all in a dynamic way, becoming the absolute criteria for the pioneer forces of the left-wing and labor movement. The anti-capitalistic overthrow of capitalism and its reactive reconstruction needs to become the main political issue of the period.

The nightmare of poverty and unemployment stalks depressingly above millions of people not only in our country but also all over the world. This is the reason that makes it an imperative need to make a bold and groundbreaking turn in order to rebuild the labor movement on a class basis creating a new, strong one. The only alternative lies in the struggle, reinforcement and coalition of the fighting people, in the decisive fight for the system overthrow, inspired by the possibility of an alternative way, liberated from the shackles of debt, EU and capital. For a novel hope that 2014 can be the year the capitalistic attack will crush. A year that the ruling policy will go down with the government and pave the way for the anti-capitalistic overthrow.

Simultaneously, today, a new communist proposition and movement, as an answer with a historical meaning for the Greek society and for contemporary world is more crucial than ever. This is why Nar for communist liberation is going to put the working people through a public debate on the creation of a contemporary communistic carrier, in other words a political party leading to a communistic perspective.

The year 2014 is a year of crucial struggles and confrontations on many levels and fronts. In workplaces, against the persistent and deep anti-workers assault. In cities and neighbourhoods, in education and healthcare, against the reactionary restructuring and the sell-offs, the privatisations and the poll taxes. Against the totality of the black government coalition and the policies of Capital-EU-IMF.

On January 1st 2014, Greece takes on the presidency of the reactionary alliance of european capital, the European Union.

All these, emphasize the need of discrete interventions by the anticapitalist subversive current and its strengthening for the struggles to come. What is needed is coordination and a unified plan with perspective. The creation of a mass socio-political initiative of struggle against the Greek presidency, for the exit from the euro and the EU, will not only ruin Samara's plans but will provide an joint anti-EU rhythm to the mass movement. The frontal political joining of the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-EU Left will provide momentum and perspective. A strong, mass and subversive anticapitalist and current communist Left will contribute decisively in changing the situation of the workers, the unemployed, the youth, the people! We call them to march on this route!

For 2014 to be a year of counterattack!

NAR - New Left Current for the Communist Liberation, Athens, Greece, 01.01.2014