NAR: First estimate for the election results of 17th June

The elections of June 17 were conducted in a climate of great extortion and dilemmas. The attack of the forces of capital, international and foreign, the dilemmas "euro or chaos", "European Union or disaster" significantly affected the behavior of the electorate. The complete withdrawal of SYRIZA towards them, made ​​it difficult for the unequal struggle in their confrontation.

ANTARSYA (front left anti-capitalist) had set a goal of his intervention to contribute to the widening of the breach in the politics of capital by the struggles of the past two years and the election results of May 6.

Examining the overall result of the June 17, we are obliged to note that the gap was not enlarged but narrowed. However, it continues to remain active and promising. Considering this, a tough battle with an uncertain outcome will take place, with great difficulties for the labor and popular movement and for the Greek left.

-The right party, “New Democracy” has gathered around her an important part of conservative forces and secured the first place. But its success is fragile and unstable. It was obtained in a situation of hard ideological terrorism and political intervention by the main imperialist centers (with the Troika and the EU in the lead) in their favor. It announced the continuation and acceleration of barbaric anti-working class offensive that inaugurated the policy memoranda serve the interests of local capital, European and international level in the service of an odious debt, a government formed by “New Democracy”, PASOK (socialdemokrats) and probably other forces in favour of the EU. At the same time, taking into account the deepening crisis in the euro area and the open probability of bankruptcy and collapse, we can estimate that this is a very relative success, absolutely mortgaged and short duration that depends on the struggles of the labor and popular movement.

-The election continues to show a popular trend to the left, which rotates with mixed feelings of excitement, hope and skepticism around SYRIZA (European Left Party). The strengthening of the reformist pro-EU left, despite the radical disposition of the popular vote, a guarantee for class confrontations of the near future. The constant adjustments, accelerated lately at reasonable "renegotiation" of a Memorandum of Agreement with the EU, a clear denial of the rupture and release from the memoranda, the eurozone and the debt, lead to the weakening of the movement and the political consciousness of the people. This is a policy that does not confront the politics of capital and becomes, ultimately, ineffective based on the perspective of the government itself has set as a goal. The most important thing is that it does not create any requirements to establish a broad social-political front break and overthrow the attack of the memorandum and capital forces.

-The continued influence of the extreme fascist right "Golden Dawn" is a negative for the popular movement and the left. It is formed in the most reactionary and aggressive version of a social current which existed in LAOS (religious-nationalist party) and other bourgeois parties and now enhanced, more dangerous, according to the deadlock of rapidly increasing poverty in working classes from the crisis. It is a warning to the left, indicating the shortcomings of its own policy, but also the need for immediate denunciation of the role of the Golden Dawn as an instrument of the capitalist system and the need to combat it decisively in terms of movement.

- The weakening of KKE (Greek Communist Party), is not a positive development for the labor and popular movement, in a context of increased duties on the left, due to the strengthening the Euro-reformist currents and serious risks for the people. However, this result is the consequence of its strategic character as much as its policy. It removes from the necessity to overthrow the current anti-labor offensive, in favour of a future of "popular power- popular democracy". The arrogant rejection for the establishment of a common front of anti -capitalists and anti-imperialists and its aversion against major forms of protests decided by the employees the last two years, are critical factors to this result.

The election result finds ANTARSYA (Front of the anticapitalist left) present and combative, but with very large losses of votes in relation to the elections of May 6, dropping to the levels of 2009. The electoral decline of ANTARSYA reflects the fact that while the showdown is underway, and a solution to the left is sought by labor and popular sectors, the preparation of the strategic and programmatic retooling of NAR and the whole revolutionary left as well as the degree of organization of labor and class forces do not meet the conditions of this modern class war.

- Certainly, in June 17 ANTARSYA gave a tough election battle, of dilemmatic nature, dominated by the question of governance, under conditions of decline for the KKE and submission of SYRIZA to the pro-EU statement. Members and friends of ANTARSYA gave an important and valuable struggle in defense of the necessary anti-capitalist program and highlighting the need for a strong popular movement against the government illusions and dangerous logic of assignment. However, there was a major weakness of the anti-anti-EU left to clinch the increased influence of elections on May 6 and more so to influence the debate and the processes in the left and the struggling people. The hesitations that were expressed, even in public, regarding the need for an autonomous political presence, have had a negative influence and surfaced deeper problems of in terms of character attitudes toward reformist movements, governments and state, as well as detachment from the necessities and deficits of class struggle.

With awareness of the serious electoral blow that the anti-capitalist left received, and the political difficulties that would arise, but, simultaneously, and the role it had acquired in the mass movement, class struggle and the left, it is necessary to wider the collective democratic discussion between all fighters of ANTARSYA and NAR, generally the left movement, on our participation in the decisive battles of the next day.

-The relatively persistent popular trend to the Left that is shown by the result of the June 17, is despite his weakness and contradictions, a positive sign for the hard clashes that lie ahead. Forces of the left will be quickly tested. The people support the forces of the left, when they actively support his life, work and his future.

The NAR and ANTARSYA will play a leading role in the immediate initiatives that can bring on the table meeting of all the warring forces of the left on a critical anti-capitalist program of relief of the people and overthrow of the memoranda, the EU, the debt and the capital to break the trend of "realistic folding" and government management.

From the first moment, a shift in the development of popular labor movement in workplaces, neighborhoods, towns and villages is demanded.

Furthermore, the ideological and political backlash of left-wing anti-capitalist and communist ideas, in a reasoned and convincing manner, is a necessary part of the confrontation with the world of capital, the political system and capitalist ideologies of management integration in EU.

New Left Current, 18 June 2012