NAR: Condemnation of the military intervention in Afrin

Since the 20th of January, the Turkish army along with sectors of the so-called Free Syrian Army have invaded and attacked the Kurds inhabiting the area of Afrin, one of the three self-governing regions of Rojava, who had previously driven away the fanatic jihadists of ISIS with a heroic struggle. Through the provocative code-name “Olive Branch” – and the blessings of the orthodox Archbishop Bartholomew of Constantinople -, Turkey wages an imperialist invasion, furtherly destabilizing a zone of constant conflict. At the same time, in the interior of the country, the totalitarian state of Erdogan muzzles and arrests anyone who dares to raise critic, or even to not identify with the imperialist invasion. Ten of thousands of people are currently jailed for manifesting in favour of peace in the area, while Turks have died on the Evros river and the Aegean Sea , in their attempt to escape the country.

We condemn the act of Turkey to invade Syria against a people who fights for its existence, but also the “dirty” role of Russian and American imperialist powers, who, having undertook the role of the area’s suzerain, are leading a people into slaughter to fuel their antagonism for the control of sources and ways of energy in Middle East. We condemn the silence of the Greek government, and the curbing of the press which blockades information of the people on the continuing slaughter of Kurds in Rojava, the attack of the Greek state and its government to Turkish and Kurdish militants, which consists an act of cooperation with the Turkish state against the popular movement, along with their cooperation against immigrants and refugees, through their bilateral agreement. Meantime, the Greek government takes actively part in the imperialist plans of NATO, which offers covering for certain war acts of Turkey. Through this stance it increases the aggressiveness of Erdogan and the further destabilization of the area with unpredictable consequences for the peoples.

As New Left Current for the Communist Liberation, we voice our internationalist solidarity with the Kurdish militants and the struggling people of Afrin. We call forth the people of Greece to express their support. Τhe victory of the peoples of Rojava, will be the victory of all the peoples of the area. The loss of this, and every military intervention that serves the interest of the ruling classes, will be a victory of the international anti-war movement for the peace and the solidarity between people. All imperialists out of Syria. We will continue to struggle for Greece’ s disengagement from NATO, against the government's support of the imperialist plans and for the closure of all the military bases

New Left Current for the Communist Liberation, XX/02/2018