NAP: For the unspeakable bloody bombing in Ankara

The New Left Current for the Communist Liberation denounces the unspeakable bloody bombing during the gathering of unions, left-wing organizations and the labour movement in Ankara today, shortly before the planned massive rally of the Turkish organisations, claiming back the peace, against the war and fascism.

The latest statements of Turkish organizations report 86 people being killed and hundreds being injured, many of them in critical condition. This is an organised killer attack that declares the war on the mass movement, unions and the left of Turkey and Kurdistan. It is the climax of the bloody war being carried out for long enough now against the democratic movements and the fighting Kurdish people and an obvious continuation of the attacks carried out from Sourouts to Diyarbakir and from the heroic Kobani up to the Southeast.

The imperialists and their loyal servers do nothing but terrorise. The State of Erdogan and its mechanisms continuously attacks and kills, in order to create fear, panic, and divide the people. In order to terrorise the great democratic resistance movement developed throughout Turkey and Kurdistan and across the Middle East.

The international anti-imperialist and anti-war movement, the left and the labour movement in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, should strengthen their anti-imperialist resistance both locally and internationally. We need to build up our international solidarity and common struggle against all fascist and imperialist threats and against all war interventions.

For the right of the people, the workers and youth to be autonomous and independent, organising under democratic procedures throughout the region. Against modern fascism and totalitarianism that appears in many forms, against exploitation. Against capitalism and imperialism.

We express our solidarity and condolences to the working class and the people of Turkey, unions and organizations that lost fighters and comrades in today's terrorist attack. We will be joining our voices with those of people in Turkey and Kurdistan, to defend the just demands of living in freedom!

Freedom to People, Death to fascism

Our fights will honour our dead

Everyone should join the struggle against imperialism, fascism and war, everyone should join the fight for our democratic rights and freedom.

We call on workers, the left, and all the fighters to participate massively in the mobilization of support, denunciation and solidarity to the people of Turkey and Kurdistan on Monday, October 12 at 6.30 pm at Syntagma Square. March will head to the Turkish Embassy and is ​​organized by Turkish and Kurdish political refugees and organizations in Greece.

New Left Current for the Communist Liberation

Athens, 10/10/2015