NAP: For the brutal attacks of the Turkish state in the Kurdish areas

NAR for the communist liberation and NKA condemn the brutal attacks of the Turkish state in the Kurdish areas of the country's south. For months army tanks fielded in combat positions in the major Kurdish cities. The last death trumpet began after the assassination of Tahir Elche, president of the Bar of Diyarbakir and activist for Kurdish rights. Pogroms arrests, blockades of entire areas in the region of Diyarbakir by the Turkish army followed , demonstrations and traffic ban , clearing attemts and cold killing of civilians resulting in hundreds of dead, brutally murdered young children, elderly, pregnant women (more than 170 killings of civilians by June). These operations are scaled by Erdogan's government to invite teachers of cities Tzizre, Silopi and Sour to leave the cities while tanks occupy the center of a number of Kurdish cities. Simultaneously Health Minister informed all hospitals that all permits shall be withdrawn until further order. Operations are intensified by bombing Kurdish neighbourhoods. Today the city Tzizre civilians are being mascarated and state of terror is being exacerbated, among the dead there are many children. The government of Erdogan’s regime itself speaks for over 100 dead Kurds the last 5 days.

As NAR for the Communist Liberation, we declare our solidarity and our support to the Kurdish people. We learn from their morale, their fighting spirit and their determination. We take as an example the teachers and professors who refused to leave their towns, the people who, despite the bans, they go out on the streets to state their exemplar and ruff way of opposition to the regime, which literally murders. The same regime which cooperates openly now, politically and economically with the "Islamic State". The same regime was behind the bloody bombing in Ankara, and Sourouts, the terrorism in the elections, the specific pogrom the Kurdish people. The same regime, whose reactionary domestic policies go along with their external, by intensifying inter-imperialist rivalries and the dangerously escalating situation in the region.

The solidarity with the Kurdish people and the Turkish people who fight against this situation cannot be limited to an announcement. In addition to the international mission, which will continue and will intensify, for us the greatest solidarity is the constant and unwavering fight against the government, imperialism and the EU. Against an EU that flirts constantly with the Erdogan’s regime, in a background of negotiations Turkey’s accession in EU. This while EU is conniving to Erdogan’s support to the ISIS and the massacre of the Kurdish people, the movement and the Left in Turkey. The appointment Erdogan had in Brussels for the "refugee problem" is characteristic. But also against the hostile coalition SYRIZA - ANEL, fully bonded to the aspirations of European urban policy, which offer assistance and cooperation to the regime-killer while whistling casually watching massacre unfolds. Until there comes the "solidarity" and the values ​​of the Greek government, regardless of whether it trumpets supposedly antiwar and populist fanfare.

Faced with the horrors of capitalism, we contrast the optimism of our struggles. And so we honor our dead. With ruff, durable, uncompromising and unwavering struggles. Shoulder to shoulder with all the oppressed of the earth and fighters. With patience and persistence that Kurdish people teaches us. For the anticapitalist overthrow of the capital’s brutal attack!


NAR for the Communist Liberation, Athens 12/17/2015