For the murderous attack against workers in N. Manolada in Greece

For the murderous attack against workers in N. Manolada in Greece

ANTARSYA (front of the Anticapitalist Left in Greece) condemns yesterday's murderous mafia-style attack of employers’ henchmen in New Manolada in Greece, who using shotguns, shot to kill in cold blood 200 Bangladeshi strawberry farm workers. They were demanding 6 months unpaid wages; wages of terror earned under sordid working conditions.

The employers’ terrorist attack against the Bangladeshi workers was the culmination of previous, frequent, brute and unpunished racist attacks by the henchmen of the same strawberries’ wholesaler in New Manolada. It is the nightmarish expression of the employers’ unaccountability and the government’s tolerance and complicity (recently it abolished the Labour Inspection Unit in the region). It is the result of widespread outbreaks of racist and fascist murderous attacks against immigrants, the effect of the policies dictated by the memoranda of the EU and the capital and implemented by the government.

It is the product of the Nazi inspired cholera spread by the fascist party of Golden Dawn and the supporting mass media. No effort is spared in order to divide the working people and thus exonerate the policies of the government, EU and IMF.

This is the “development” promised by the prime minister: profits for the banks and the capital, money steeped in the blood and sweat of the Greek and immigrants working people  who are condemned into poverty and misery. This crime must not go unpunished. The immunity of the known workers’ exploiter and his henchmen has to be crushed.

The labour movement and the trade unions must embrace the immigrants from Bangladesh as well as every exploited Greek and foreign worker. They have to defend their rights and demand the punishment of the criminals.

No worker, no young person, no artist or scientist can remain silent. The labour and popular movement, the political and collective organisations have to take the initiative and protect the lives and dignity of immigrants. If the fascist ideology, supporting that there are people who do not deserve to have rights, is imposed, it will be forced not only on the immigrants but on all the workers, the unemployed and the poor people.

The struggle for the anti-capitalistic overthrow of government-EU-IMF is the only hope for a worth-living life for all, Greeks and immigrants.

ANTARSYA, Athens, 19.4.2013