For the murder of the three Kurdish women in Paris

Anticapitalist Left Front – ANTARSYA - Greece

For the murder of the three Kurdish women in Paris

Three Kurdish militants were murdered in cold blood in Paris by the fascist assassins of the Turkish government! Sakine Cansiz, one of the founders of PKK, Fidan Dogan, representative of the Brussels’ based Kurdish National Congress (KNK) and Soylemez Leyla a pronounced political activist.

Three women that devoted their whole life to the Kurdish cause were murdered by a bullet in the head, each. The French government declares that “the incident and its motives are under investigation” while it's evident that it is a political assassination that took part in the heart of “democratic Europe”. The Turkish government and its supportive mass media are directly implying that it was the Kurdish themselves who committed the murders in order to get sympathy, trying in vain to hide the fact that the Turkish regime is deeply established in fascism. The political assassinations is an ongoing practice along with displacements, imprisonment, torture.

Their affords to wipe out the Kurdish resistance is in vain, the struggle will go on.

The world today has become poorer, loosing these three women. By the words of the poet Nazim Hikmet: “The point is not not to get captured. The point is to never surrender, that’s the point!”

- They never surrendered, that’s why they murdered them.

- They never surrendered, that’s why their example is guiding us.

- We will never forget you comrades!

- We call for the immediate arrest of the murderers and for the denouncement of the fascist acts of the Turkish government.

- Freedom and Independence to the Kurdish people.

Anticapitalist Left Front – ANTARSYA - Greece, Athens, 11/1/2013