Common Announcement of organizations EMEP-Levica-NAR

COMMON ANNOUNCEMENT of organizations that took part in the

Festival “ANAIRESEIS 2018”, in the public event “The struggles of the peoples will make their machine-guns shut!”

War is not just a threat for the peoples of our region, the wider area of the South-eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, but a reality for many of them. Imperialist interventions, occupation, military antagonisms and opportunisms make the sirens and the cannons of war every day sound louder. The NATO, the international machine of slaughter and war, spreads death to the whole of the region, partitions and destabilizes states, takes actively part into intervention and occupation in foreign grounds, murders civilians and drowns refuges in the borders of the countries. From the recent NATO summit, it’s antagonisms and its “conclusions”, the peoples have nothing to win, except more suffering.

The escalation of the war threat in our region is firstly a result of the overall escalation of the antagonisms between the hegemonic capitalist states and the imperialist coalitions, which seek to surpass the capitalist crisis, to the interest of the capital and against the peoples’ interest. In this frame, the escalating antagonism between the NATO and Russian imperialists is igniting the kindle of war in our area. Simultaneously the war threat is increased from the escalating antagonism between the ruling classes of the countries of the region, which seek to upgrade their position, or merely survive, through alliances with the imperialist centres. The detection of exploitable deposits of hydrocarbons in the Eastern Mediterranean, the confrontations for the passage of the energy pipelines and the road mapping for big trade routes, constitute today the main element of this conflict of interests.

The peoples have nothing to win from the reactionary war between the ruling classes, the imperialists and their puppets. The youth of our countries, do not have any reason to be sacrificed as meat for the imperialists’ arms.

We, organisations that took part into the public event of the festival “ANAIRESEIS” state that:

  • We will serve the organization and the struggle of the workers’-popular and youth movement in our countries and the wider region of the South-eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, for the Peace among peoples, for the prevention of war, for the failure and blockade of war preparations while opposing the mutual-killing of people and every warmongering opportunism. We struggle for the exit of our countries from the imperialist mechanism of NATO, and so that no new country enters NATO, as is the case of the Republic of Macedonia. Against every imperialist blood-painted reshaping of the borders or/and intervention and for the cancelation of military equipment programmes.

  • We the denounce the Zionist state of Israel that murders the Palestinian people. We stand in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians against the Israeli occupation, that is carried on in spite of the undermining of the subordinated bourgeois forces. We fight against any support to the state of Israel, from the Greek and any other government, the EU and NATO, we struggle for the overthrow of the dangerous axis of Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt. We stand together with the Palestinian political prisoners and refuges in our countries. Victory to the Palestinian resistance, Liberation for Palestine!

  • We voice our solidarity with the challenged Syrian and Kurdish people, that are hit vaguely by the NATO imperialist bombardments and the military interventions, as the one of the Turkish state. The people of Syria and the Kurdish people in the Middle East, with their own struggle will conquer their freedom and their independence, against every reactionary force, coming from their countries or abroad. The struggle against an imperialist wolf cannot be implemented by a collaboration with another. All imperialists and foreign forces out of Syria, Peace in Syria! Stop the war against the Kurds in Turkey and the Turkish aggressions and occupations in the region!

The peoples of the region and the youth are able, with a struggle for peace, the cooperation between peoples, the liberation from the shackles of capitalism and imperialism, to silence their machine-guns, to make their voice, a shout of liberation!

  • EMEP (Labour Party) - Turkey
  • LEVICA (Left) – Republic of Macedonia
  • NAR for the Communist Liberation - Greece