Brief Presentation of New Left Current - NAR

1. The New Left Current - N.A.R. ( is an organisation of the anticapitalist and communist Left in Greece. NAR concentrates militants of the labour and youth movement. NAR intervenes in the labour movement and in syndicates, in the youth – in universities and working youth – and also in the city and environmental movements. We take action in the movements against war and imperialism, in the struggles and the movements against the capitalist internationalization and globalization. NAR has organisations in most of the cities of Greece. We participate and play a leading role in political fronts and social initiatives, in formations and interventions in working places, in universities, technical schools, in city movements, in fronts against the war.

NAR was formed in January 1990 basically by a part of members who left the Communist Party of Greece (K.K.E.) and the Communist Youth of Greece (K.N.E.). Its creation  expressed the need for a new independent revolutionary Left in Greece and the prerequisite for that was the clash on an ideological, political and structural level with the traditional communist movement which had been led to a course of final disintegration and defeat. In the youth, a political organisation was set up under the name “Communist Liberation Youth” -N.K.A. (

In these days, 20 years after our creation, we concentrate new generations of combatants and we evaluate our actions and experiences in order for our organisation to move forward and make new steps in the struggle against capitalism, to lead the way for the reestablishment of communism.

In N.A.R. and N.K.A. we believe that there is a need for reestablishment of the liberating and revolutionary ideas, based on revolutionary Marxism, taking into consideration the heroic but also tragic moments, the victories and defeats of the revolutionary movement. That is the reason why we were not embodied by some reformist, Trotskist, Maoist, or anarchist current from the existing ones, but we have been trying to approach the big theoretical and political problems of today, to draw a modern revolutionary strategy and tactics on the basis of fighting Marxism, of the Leninist analyses, of the heroic but also tragic experience of the proletarian revolutions and movements of the 20th century.

N.A.R. publishes the weekly newspaper “PRIN” (, while the N.K.A. publishes a magazine for young people every 3 months called “Aneresis” (Refutations). At the same time we participate in the publication of the theoretical magazine “Utopia”.

NAR participates in “Anticapitalist Left Cooperation for the Overthrow” – ANTARSYA (“Rebellion” in Greek) (, the front of the anticapitalist, revolutionary, communist Left and radical ecology. This new front was created in 2009, after the rebellion of December 2008 in Greece (due to the assassination of the 16 year old A. Grigoropoulos) and during the capitalistic crisis. In ANTARSYA participate 10 organisations of the Greek Anticapitalist Left and thousands of independent militants. The Front took part in the last elections of 2009 and the outcome was positive.

About our structure: The basic structure of NAR are the “base organisations” inside the places of work and production. We also built organisations in local and regional level.  The N.A.R. holds conferences at regular intervals. NAR elects in its Congresses its guiding agent, the Political Committee. NAR realizes thematic conferences and also regional. The N.A.R. finances its political activities based exclusively on the monthly contribution of its members and friends. We do not take nor would accept financing from entrepreneurs, the state or various European programs.               

The N.K.A. (Communist Liberation Youth) has organisations in the biggest Greek towns. It has “base organisations” in universities, schools and young working and unemployed people. It holds its own conferences and congresses, where it elects its guiding agent, the Central Council. The N.K.A. is structurally independent from the N.A.R. but they both constitute one current of political thought and action. Those members of the N.K.A. who wish can be members of the N.A.R. The members of NKA participate equally in the congresses of NAR.


The political proposal of N.A.R. consists of three linked targets:

a) Anticapitalist Revolution, with a communist-internationalist content.

b) Anticapitalist Labour Front in society as the main field where revolutionary policy is   exercised.

c) Ideological - political - structural reconstitution - reestablishment of the communist labour movement.

More specifically:

a) The character of the revolution in Greece will be anticapitalist with a communist – Internationalist content. We believe that the defense of the interests of the working people and the improvement of their position is impossible unless it is part of a more general subversive anticapitalist struggle, of a permanent revolutionary struggle, unless it aims at the subversion of bourgeois hegemony. For us, the immediate political goal and the tactics of the working class must be the abolition of the contrast between capital and labour (in the interest of the latter). At the same time the anticapitalist struggle must have the communist perspective in its core, that is, it must tend towards the full liberation of society. Especially today when everything is determined by the capitalist internationalization of economic-political-social life, by central or peripheral capitalist integrations (EU, IMF, NAFTA, etc) internationalism must be a vital element and not an outer factor of the anticapitalist struggle everywhere. In that direction we consider that communism can be realized only internationally, although revolutions can win in separate countries.

b) The Anticapitalist Labour Front – which is our political proposal- constitutes the unity of the most different anticapitalist forces and political tendencies, of all those who fight (partly or fully) for the anticapitalist subversion, of the emancipating tendency of the working class. It is a unity whose central issue is to bring to light revolution as an immediate political target. That’s why this front is the meeting point of very different forces of the conscious political struggle, of the revolutionary forces in general, and of the working class itself and of its struggles.

The Anticapitalist Labour Front is not a political proposal for the alliance of parties, nor the political expression of a social alliance. It is the practical process of linking strategy with tactics, it is the meeting of all partial different struggles, movements and initiatives which can and must express the genuine labour interests. Its basis in society is the partial anticapitalist action-programs (ex. goals and the program of struggle for education, anticapitalist program for the social and economic goals of the class, etc). The movements and struggles developing on such programs finally meet and express the Anticapitalist Labour Front in society.

c) The process of the anticapitalist revolution and communist liberation cannot develop without the “intervention” of the conscious forces of the labour political struggle, nor without their organized expression or their interaction with the working class. The effort to reconstitute the revolutionary party is the following in our opinion:

1. The party is one aspect (the decisive one) of the broader and independent agent of revolutionary struggle, together with the subversive elements of the labour movement, the left anticapitalist wings of the movements and fields and the Anticapitalist Labour Front (them being the primary aspects).

2. The party contributes to the process of making the working class a class for itself. The party aims at the restoration of the dialectic unity of the political and social subject of the revolution on a more advanced level. After all, the party is fighting for its replacement by the “party-class”.

3. The party with future its horizon: that is, the abolition of classes, the abolition of the difference between those who govern and those who are governed, the abolition of power in general, of the parties and of politics and their replacement by the domination of the social  human individual.

The party is born from the pioneers of the class and thought. It is a party fueling and fueled by the struggles, it is linked to the ideology and the strategy of communism, it forms pioneering sections of revolutionaries and tries to unite the working majority. It holds a critical and dialectic approach to theory and without doctrines, it penetrates all scientific fields trying to come to modern conclusions and analyses, not as an autonomous isolated process but in the society interacting with all the left potential.


The term “communism” must be reestablished, especially since the double experience of victory and defeat of the revolutions and also today’s phenomena of disintegration such as  “pink communists” and reformist communist parties (like the Communist Party of China, where there is capitalism, or other parties and organisations that speak in the name of the revolution/communism but in reality they support bourgeois governments).

We discuss 5 fundamental principles:

a) Communism is the real motion starting today and not some future far away “paradise”. We refer to the new relation between strategy and tactics.

c) The communist proposal is the historical and practical criticism and self-criticism of all the previous social revolutions and of the course of the movement in the East and the West, based on our experience and the needs of today and the future.

d) The communist proposal is the effort to interpret society, it is a “plan” of the future, of “the real motion that destroys the capitalist order”. We must not allow communism to be identified as the faddish non-socialist regimes of Eastern Europe, nor should we confer it to “afterlife expectations”.

e) The communist proposal demands the revolutionary re-composition of Marxism, of the theory of communism in its various aspects and on the whole, that is nature, society, history, social struggle from the point of view of the contemporary scientific achievements and of the revolutionary and political needs of the working class today. We do not refer to a dogmatic approach of theory, nor to a supposedly “reviewing” but deeply compromising process.


In the current political situation in Greece, N.A.R. promotes the immediate need of the development of a left political current and a political and social overturning movement.

ä For the overturn of the attack of the capital against the working people and the youth. For an anticapitalist answer to the capitalist crisis, from the workings’  people view. In order to overturn the agreement of the government – EU – IMF – capital, to overthrow all the measures – laws that have been imposed to Greece, in the name if the debt, the crisis and the attack of the capital generally. In order to overthrow the government of PASOK and any other future government that will implement the same policy.

-Exit form the Euro zone and the EMU – Struggle for the anticapitalist exit from the EU.

-Against the policy of austerity, privatizations in education, health, social security, against dismissals and the abolition of the rights of the working people. For the overturning of the government as the result of massive subversive struggles and not its replacement by other «centre left» or «centre right» variations.

- Against the European Union, the European alliance of the multinational capital, that is, especially against the “program of convergence” and the Maastricht and Lisbon Treaties. We have a clear stance against the EU. In our opinion it is not possible to ‘reform’ the EU, the only way is the fight of the workers in each country for the anticapitalist exit from the EU and the common internationalist struggle for the dismantling of the EU.

- Against the war games of imperialists, against the bloodshed promised to the peoples by nationalism, against the competition of the ruling classes of Greece and Turkey and also against class reconciliation and “national unity” the bourgeois offer us. Against the interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and anywhere else. Against the Greek participation in the imperialist interventions and the expeditionary military forces.

-This current must be based on the resistance and the outbreaks of people and it must move them to the left.

- This current must confront the Left that is compromised with the status quo, the Left that proposes governmental supposedly democratic answers, the Left that has accepted the basic myths and stereotypes of capitalism, the Left that actually functions as an army of potential recruits for the system, the Left of the «anti – neoliberal fronts», of the partial «improvement» suggestions.