The bourgeois democracy of EU and it’s member-states … perishes - also - in Catalonia

NAR for the Communist Liberation denounces the repressive attacks that the government of Rajoy waged in Catalonia in order to stop the referendum of 1st October. We stand against the totalitarian, neo-francist policy that the Spanish government implements. The beatings, the arrests and injuries of citizens, the brutal attacks of the riot police and the national guard on concentrated crowds, the injured people in hospitals from rubber bullet attacks, the seizure of ballot boxes, electoral material and the police raid in universities and schools that are used as electoral centres are, until now, the acts that the Spanish state and its government are enforcing. The bourgeois democracy of the Spanish state, member of the EU, destroys and tears even the last pretences of democracy. The banning of the referendum for the Catalan independence, the “de facto” suspension of the - constitutionally protected - Catalan autonomy, with the totalitarian and aggressive intervention of the repressive mechanism of Spain in Catalan cities, shows - once again - the face of the parliamentary totalitarianism of our times. The rotten bourgeois democracy and the parliamentary totalitarianism are not permitting neither referendums to take place nor accept the popular will. This is why they call forth “states and laws of emergency”, parliamentary coup d’etat(s)m, interventions and repression, throughout the European Union.

We stand together with the struggling Catalan people, we support their inexplicable right to be able to decide democratically and unilaterally for their future. We voice our solidarity to the forces of the anticapitalist left and to the collectives of struggle of the Catalan Countries that work towards a movement of auto-determination which struggles against the bourgeois governments, the European Union and the whole anti-popular policies, that aim for a movement of auto-determination and independence which connects the internationalist struggle against the capital and capitalism, that seeks to unite the people, by breaking the bonds of national discriminations and economical inequality.

The massive, rigid answer of the popular protests and marches, will send the most clear message to the inspirers of state terrorism, that they won’t control the future of the people. The General Strike on the 3rd of October, that has been declared by numerous unions, will be the first answer after the referendum, to the black front of Government-EU-Capital, that wants to keep the people bound on its economic and political interests.

Visca la terra!

The internationalist solidarity will win!

NAR for the Communist Liberation, Athens, 1st of October 2017