Athens Anti-fascist city. 19 January 2013

On January 19 we demonstrate against the neo-fascist threat to the working class and the people. We fight against the terrorism of State and Government (see recent police operations in Athens), the employers (from the attack to the steel workers of steel Factory “Halivourgia Ellados” to the fired strikers throughout the country) and the neo-fascists (with their by pogroms, mainly but not exclusively, against immigrants). Fascism may have a horrible tradition, but what we face today is produced by the bleak future prescribed by the totalitarian capitalism of our era. It is fed by the capitalist crisis and developing into a weapon against the strengthening possibility of a revolutionary liberation of labour from rising exploitation. It’s a “preventive” counter-revolution against the prospect that workers and the people will overturn the fierce attack of capitalism, the European Union and the IMF.

During the Third Reich, in order to overcome the capitalist crisis of the thirties, fascism and Nazism organised the concentration camps and recruited under the ideological cover of racism, anti-Semitism and anti-communism. In order to resolve the current crisis in favour of the capitalist system, the whole of the European Union, led by the German capital, is being converted into a “European Fourth Reich”. We are witnessing the creation of vast labour camps under the name of “Special Economic Zones” with “Third world”-like wages and the decimation of all employment rights.

The neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn”, through the organisation of a brutal campaign against immigrants and the Left, is an active contributor to the main goals of the Troika, the E.U, the IMF, capitalism and their government. They are aiming to turn Greece into an endless camp of labour exploitation. At a time when a stronger democracy and increased power for the working people are required, neo-fascism promotes the abolition of any form of democracy as the answer to the crisis and the decay of bourgeois “democracy”. Neo-fascism is in constant collaboration with the secret services, domestic and international, the police, the judicial system, the capitalists, the Mass Media tycoons and the government of New Democracy-PASOK-DIMAR. It is facilitating their task to bring down wages, to undermine freedom, employment and human rights. This is why the assassins of “Golden Dawn” party do not get arrested and they remain unpunished.

The fight against neo-fascist terrorism is an integral part of the struggle against the measures introduced by the memoranda, against international and domestic loan sharks and bankers. It develops alongside the anti-capitalist struggle for the liberation from the shackles of European Union, IMF and capitalist profit. Today, more than any other time in history, the struggle that will prevail over any fascist threat is bound to have, a deeper anti-capitalist character.

While defending every democratic right gained through the struggle in the bourgeois “democracy”, we are fully aware that the decisive confrontation with neo-fascism, State and capitalist terrorism will take place in the streets, the places of work be it factories, offices, schools, universities and the local communities and neighbourhoods. This is where we build united action-fronts against State, Capitalist and neo-fascist terrorism with the participation of all the forces of the fighting Left and popular movement.

So called “Anti-fascist fronts” that ignore class interests or include political representatives of the forces that manage the attack against the people do not achieve the defeat of neo-fascism nor does the promotion of a “left government”  as a panacea or single party centred “fronts” or nihilistic violence and “military confrontation” aiming to the spectacle.

Through the mass movement we fight simultaneously to overthrow the regime that attacks our basic rights and needs; we fight for the social and political marginalization of neo-fascism while organising the defence against the Freikorps of “Golden Dawn” party and State terrorism. 

Through organized mass popular movement we will overthrow the terrorism of Government, State, Capitalism and neo-fascism.

  • Troika, government and neo-nazi party “Golden Dawn” all those bastards act along!
  • Freedom to the people, death to fascism!
  • Greek and immigrant workers united.
  • Fascism belongs to history’s dump, down with the parliamentary totalitarianism.
  • Liberation from the junta of the government- the E.U and the IMF; for the workers democracy and communism 

New Left Current - NAR, January 2013