Antarsya on Egypt Press Release

ANTARSYA denounces in the most decisive way the Egyptian army’s murderous intervention to attack protests by the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The army, that has been receiving military equipment from the United States and other imperialist countries for decades, unleashed an attack using real ammunition against peaceful demonstrations and killing hundreds of protesters. The bloodthirsty regime that is being put in place by the military, after it has overthrown with a coup the Islamist president Morsi, not only has nothing to do with the demand for democracy and social justice that has mobilized large parts of the workers and young people in Egypt, but rather it attempts to become their gravestone.

ANTARSYA condemns the stance taken by the U.S. and E.U. both of which have openly supported the military coup and now close their eyes to the massacre conducted by the dictatorship regime, while at the same time they call for moderation and preach against violence!

The only hope lies with working people, poor popular strata and the youth of Egypt who can find the way to overthrow both this anti-democratic military regime, as well as rupture barbarism and reactionary politics, whether they swear by the army or by Islam.